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Akamai mPulse RUM

Akamai mPulse is a RUM product that maps user behavior to business performance as it's happening. With mPulse you can collect detailed business and performance data directly from your users' browser in real time, and then drill down for a closer look at the performance of all your resources across all of your page views to identify the root cause of latencies and lost revenue.

Technical Details:

  • License: CC BY SA 4.0
  • Collected via: boomerang.js
  • Aggregation cadence: Daily
  • Release cadence: Monthly
  • Page Loads: Yes
    • Sampling: A random percentage of normalized data from mPulse's top 100 customers
    • Size: Approximately 200 million page loads aggregated per day
  • Resources: Yes
    • Sampling: Top 500+ resource URLs that were fetched by multiple customers
    • Size: Approximately 160m resource fetches aggregated per day
  • Google BigQuery project: akamai-mpulse-rumarchive
    • Dataset: rumarchive
    • Page Loads table: rumarchive_page_loads
      • Available first day of the month data (single day granularity):
        • 2021-10-01, 2021-11-01, 2021-12-01
        • 2022-01-01, 2022-02-01, 2022-03-01, 2022-04-01, 2022-05-01, 2022-06-01, 2022-07-01, 2022-08-01
      • Available daily data:
        • 2022-09-01 (onward, daily), through 2024-04-30
    • Resources table: rumarchive_resources
      • Available dates: 2023-10-15 (onward, daily) through 2024-04-30
  • Additional information:
  • Known issues:
    • Resources table's protocol column is not set
  • Changelog: See the release notes for breaking changes