mPulse RUM Data Loaded through February 2023 + Rage Clicks Breaking Change

By nic on

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Latest mPulse RUM Data Loaded

We've completed an export of mPulse daily RUM data into the BigQuery akamai-mpulse-rumarchive project up through 2023-02-28. This brings the RUM Archive's mPulse dataset to a running total of 180 straight days of data available since 2022-09-01. (There is also first-of-month data going back to 2021-10-01).

We have plans to automate this process so that the mPulse RUM data is added on a weekly or daily cadence, but it is currently a manual process that we do at the end of each month. We are currently able to release each new month's data within a few days of the end of the month.

Breaking Change to rageClicksHistogram

Starting with the RUM Archive's mPulse dataset from 2023-01-01, there is a breaking change to the rageClicksHistogram column.

For mPulse RUM data from 2021-10-01 through 2022-12-31, the column rageClicksHistogram had histogram bucket numbers off-by-one from what was intended.

For review, all of the other Timers' histograms like PLT, DNS, etc are:

  • Bucket 0 should contain values where that timer was 0
  • Bucket 1 should contain values for the first high-precision bucket (e.g. 1-100ms for PLT)
  • Bucket 2-100 should contain the rest of the high-precision values
  • Buckets 101-150 should contain the low-precision values
  • Bucket 151 is any data outside of the low-precision range

However for Rage Clicks, which is the only "metric" (a count) we've exported so far, we had mistakenly exported the buckets as follows (until 2022-12-31):

  • Bucket 0 if Rage Clicks were zero (which we skip)
  • Bucket 1 is unused
  • Bucket 2-100 is if Rage Click count is 1-99
  • Bucket 101-150 is Rage Click Count 100-600
  • Bucket 151 is >600

This bucket mapping is a bug we've fixed: Bucket 1 is essentially unused. We should have just used buckets 1-100 for Rage Click counts of 1-100 to simplify things, instead of Buckets 2-100 mapping to clicks of 1-99.

We've made a change to the data exported to the rageClicksHistogram column in the akamai-mpulse-rumarchive project starting 2023-01-0. Buckets 1-100 now reflect data for Rage Clicks of values 1-100.